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Dayton Business Journal

Posted: May 14, 2015 by Olivia Barrow

After 18 months construction, Roost Modern Italian now boosts twice the seating capacity in its two dining rooms and three times the space at its bar.

The Oregon District restaurant just finished a major renovation that converted its patio into a four-season room and built a 20-seat bar and demonstration pastry kitchen in place of the parking lot.

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“Opening this is going to be a game changer for this restaurant, plus it’s nice having something brand new on the strip,” said Owner and Chef Dana Downs.

Level MB was the general contractor for the project, and Jason Sheets from Moda4 Design was the architect.

Downs said now that the renovation is complete, she will turn her attention to updating the original dining room. She said she plans to make minor cosmetic changes to improve the room’s acoustics.

“It can get a little loud,” she said. “People get rowdy because they’re having fun.”

The restaurant has hired five more employees to help with the expanded dining space, and Downs said she will likely hire three more hourly kitchen staff, whose pay will vary based on experience and job function.

Downs self-financed the project.